Tuesday, 24 March 2009

A mysterious chart

Here's a task for the astrologically-minded. What kind of person is this? I'll tell you it is the chart of a 48-year old female singer. Unfortunately I have no birth-time, so this is a 'bare' chart with no rising sign or houses:

It's quite a striking chart. I might begin by drawing attention to its paradoxical nature. There's that warm Sun-Venus in Aries, fired-up and heated by aspects to that Mars in Cancer (itself a paradox - a warrior-poet) and that universalising, humane Jupiter in Aquarius, tempered with self-discipline by Saturn in Capricorn. Trines between Sun/Venus and Uranus accentuate the Aquarian influence: this is a woman who sees humanity as a whole, who possesses a grand overview of the human race as one clan, one family. But that stands side-by-side with an intensely mediumistic, entranced grand-trine of Moon (plus Chiron), Mars and Neptune in water. (The blue triangle, to non-astrologers.) So this is a very driven woman, passionately emotional, but who is profoundly wounded in the soul (Moon/Chiron in Pisces trine Neptune, opposing Pluto). She's in touch with the formless realms of the imagination, instinctively intuiting others' pain and bliss - especially, I suspect, the pain and bliss of children - in a way that would be quite beyond other people's ability to mediate, but which would be likely to swamp them, making them dissociate or fall into terrible depression. Note I say mediate, not 'articulate' - Mercury, the planet of speech and communication, is not involved in this configuration. It's receiving a sextile from Jupiter and Saturn, suggesting someone deeply driven to communicate and filled with ideas, but impatient and awkward around conventional verbal eloquence. This is someone who naturally 'feels' her way around things, who is more at home with the universal languages of poem and symbol.

Who is it?

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